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At the age of 4, Jan got his first musical instrument. He learned the meaning of notes before he could write or read. Because of the sound of the 80`s, he became a fan of synthesizer and drum stations. He got his first synthesizer and composed "synthpop" and "EBM" tracks, which he performed with his band live on stage in different areas. Because of the 90`s, techno became popular. For the live performances he synchronized two Atari computers and mixed up interesting sounding midi loops. This way of working enabled the control for all devices in real time without any breaks between the single tracks. This was a great method to fill the lack of creativity, which happens while playing previously finished tracks. Mixing up single loops of each Atari every time provided new grooves and notations and was a clear benefit on stage. This concept culminated in two vinyls, which were released on Trauma-Records. After Marusha had transmitted a demo via radio, she invited Jan and his colleges to her Rave Satelite. For the jubilee of her radio show she released "Lava-The Compilation", an exciting sampler full of electronic music. As one of her many guests, Jan`s project "The Opaque Crack Brains" got the opportunity being part of it. This was a high point but simultaneously a point in his life, where he decided to make a progress in the "real world", too. He moved to Berlin and he became a master of art in sociology of technology. He used the time he had while studying, to make different experiments to expand his technical skills and to understand the inherent logic of the engaged machinery. The album "Nightflow" was the result of this period, which consists of tracks composed mostly at night. This collection was released and distributed global via web by MkZwo Records.

One Year later the work for the second EP "Phase Shift" had finished. This piece of independent art includes six tracks and is still available at your favourite online store. Phase Shift is a mix of classical house and techno elements, complex stubborn grooves and constantly dark athmosphere. According to the young producer the developement was influenced by his personal musical background of the past, which should be processed and varied up-to-date. What makes Phase Shift so convincing is to a lesser extend the progressive context than rather the passion for detail. From swirling waves, squeking sounds to melancholic melody, it does match and merges to a non-conformist experience in common-time. Enjoy it!

2013. Here it is. Three years of composing, extracting and cutting in search of a stylistic range that matches and works as an integral whole. Deep, dark and chromatic - these words point out, what you get with Chromatic. There is no need to look at it from a specific stylistic perspective if you believe in such things. It`s simply electronic. However, stuff sounds new and although it is mostly chromatically composed, every single minute is a journey through well developed arrangements and modulations. "Chromatic" shows nothing less, than many years of experience in dealing with drum-machines, synthesizers and gear again. Maybe it`s the last act? Future will show. Enjoy this fine release!

...chromatic mastering completed...release date: the link below...

© Rabenstein 2013
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